Teacher’s Manual

Welcome to Sunday School at Connie’s House! 

We spent a lot of time in church when my daughter was growing up, and at the time, I thought it was the best way to teach her about God and the Bible. 

Actually, I didn’t even think about it… our church was the place where I was born and raised, so I had no idea there was anything else! 

Time passed, and things changed for us. Drastically changed for us. Our family went through divorce, then an episode of mental illness for me, and that led to homelessness by the time my daughter was in high school.

Needless to say, those were some very rough years! I learned a lot about homelessness during that time, but I learned even more about the way “the church,” as a whole; responds to the needs of those who are orphaned, homeless, and mentally ill. 

I’m sorry to say that it was NOT a pretty picture, but the events of those years were the vehicle that carried me back to the place we now call Home, Sweet Home.

We are no longer part of an organized church, but we still love Jesus with all our hearts, so it has been necessary for us to re-evaluate the we “do church.” 

Many people are in the same transition, and we hear a lot about “Micro-Church.” You know, that “where two or three are gathered in my name,” thing that Jesus talked about??

We KNOW for a CERTAINTY that Jesus never leaves or forsakes us, no matter how dark and stormy the circumstances of our life become.

My daughter and I spent a lot of time in tears, frustration, pain, anger, and resentment, but Jesus stayed with and guided us through every single one of those dark days, and even darker emotions! 

Now, she has become the “Mommy,” and we are doing “church” and Bible study in a very different fashion than we did in my younger days. 

I spent many happy hours teaching Sunday School, VBS, Children’s Church, and more… and those are some of the happiest memories of my young adult life! 

The problem was, I was a single mom who was also very ill; so those days were also filled with stress, fatigue, and many tears of weariness. I had too much on my plate, and didn’t even realize it. 

I worked an average of 60 hours a week, took care of the house, drove my daughter to school, helped with homework, cooking, cleaning, pet care… then added my volunteer hours at the church. What’s that? No, I didn’t sleep much, and I was always exhausted!!

But NOW! 

I have spent many years in recovery, I am no longer homeless, and I discovered web development during the time I was in my healing process. The process of learning web development has actually been the “art therapy” that helped me discover who I am and who I want to be when I grow up!!! :  )

I’m not completely “finished,” with my healing process, but I’m looking forward to the next season of my life, and growing into my role as the Grandma at our house!

We all know that kids are filled with questions as they grow into the world around them, so teaching is now a part of my everyday life… and I LOVE IT!!!

My passion for art and crafting lends itself well to my desire to teach the life lessons I have learned about homelessness, mental illness, social responsibility, and the joy of living life with Jesus in the driver’s seat!!!

The Question Now Is… Where Do We Go From Here???!

Everyone needs creative Bible study tools for family devotions and study time, and the more easily accessible, the better! It took a lot of time and effort to prepare lesson plans and materials for a classroom full of students, but, NOW!… audio, video, and downloads have simplified that process!!!

I am creating the lessons that I wish I had known when I was the “mommy,” and sharing strategies for other grandmothers who would like to help people who are facing harsh life circumstances, but don’t know where to begin to offer their assistance.

This is brand new territory for me, so I will be sharing my lesson plans, artwork, and Bible study tools in the same fashion that Jesus shared them with me.


I was catapulted into the psych ward, given a diagnosis, then began the long, long walk BACK to the place I call “Home, Sweet Home.”  Our study materials will unfold one lesson at a time, not necessarily in chronological order, and will require some organization and arranging, and re-arranging as the stories unfold!! 

After many years of homelessness, I have been in my own apartment for 18 months now, and for that, I am extremely grateful!

Home looks much the same as it did before I became ill, but the difference is the DIFFERENCE IN ME!!!

I am no longer a “princess,” but have become a “governing daughter of God.”

I have worked out my own salvation with fear and trembling, and I now face life with a brand new skill-set… not to mention, a big  and feisty attitude that was lacking in my younger years!!

With that being said, I invite you to join me for the step-by-step process of learning “Micro-Church Management” with our Millennials and their little Alpha’s!

That’s all for the moment. Thanks for taking the time to visit, and to read this lengthy post… I’m delighted to have you aboard, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

With warmest regards, 

Connie, Clara, and the rest of our Armchair Adventure Team