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Thank you for visiting Connie’s House, aka The Faith Painter!

DID is a severe mental illness that wreaks havoc on the emotions and lifestyle of those who are impacted by the disorder.

The truth is, DID is actually NOT a disorder!!! It CAUSES disorder, but it is actually a brilliant survival tool for many people who were subjected to chronic trauma, abuse, and neglect in early childhood.

As you can imagine, these are not easy topics to discuss, so it’s important to understand the incredible challenge of living with fragmented memories and emotions.

DID is a classic “invisible illness,” so it’s often easy to forget the level of pain that goes on in the heart and mind of those of us who are known as “multiple.”

Offering friendship and knowledgeable support is a proverbial lifeline for someone whose emotions are continually “switching,” so I’d like you to know what a treasure your friendship is for the person who has DID.

I have found Mind Mapping to be a tremendous tool for bringing order into the incredible disorder that is the hallmark of a fragmented mind.

We have a lot of ground to cover, so I recommend a three-ring binder for assembling your study notes. This won’t be an easy process for those of you who are linear thinkers, because dissociated thinking is anything but linear!!!

I will create a Table of Contents as our story unfolds, then you will be able to use tab dividers and organizing tools to assemble your downloads.

The Table of Contents will be changing frequently, so that’s why I recommend labels and dividers that are expandable and can be easily re-ordered.

Creating this project is a new adventure for me, so I can’t give you a production schedule. I have spent the past 22 years on my own recovery, so I have a LOT to say about this topic!

I’m delighted that the time has finally come for me to teach what I have learned during my own experience.

I can’t give you a structured syllabus, but what I can promise is that I am here for the long haul… often; I fade into stealth mode, and am off the radar for various periods of time, but I will always be back to share the lessons I learned during my “off the radar time!”

I have learned that writing about DID often stirs deep emotions for me, and requires some down time for processing. I hope that this introduction will help you understand the sporadic nature of my posts, and with that… I will say good-bye for now, and I will talk with you again soon!

With warmest regards, and appreciation for your presence,


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